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As part of our services, we also offer our owners assistance with the resale of their units. Here is our selection of pre-owned units for sale on cash basis.

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    Area: 148.93
    2 Bathroom 3 Bedrooms 148.93
    Agent: Sonia Altini Added: 27.06.20
    3B 205 – 3 BRM

    Enjoy an unobstructed sea view, with our low rise clusters overlooking pool zone 3, one of Azzurra’s signature pools.

    Area: 115.5
    1 Bathroom 1 Bedrooms 115.5
    Agent: Sonia Altini Added: 27.06.20
    7F 203 – 1 BRM

    This is your closest view of the open sea, enjoy the sunrise, and the view of the Red Sea islands from your bedrooms.

    Area: 110.25
    1 Bathroom 1 Bedrooms 110.25
    Agent: Sonia Altini Added: 27.06.20
    6A 203 – 1 BRM

    Located in the heart of Azzurra, a zone detailing our Nubian architectural beauty, with domes, volts, and arched windows. You will enjoy the sea and pool views, together with our main restaurant and reception.

    Area: 145.67
    1 Bathroom 2 Bedrooms 145.67
    Agent: Sonia Altini Added: 28.06.20
    10C 101 – 2 BRM

    This zone has a direct view over the pool of zone 9 and the sea while enjoying a future view of the 27 upcoming golf course.